[ClusterLabs] How to avoid starting resource where another resource has started

Josep Maria Viñolas vinolasbcn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 18:03:21 EDT 2019


I don't know if it is possible to decide to start resource A in one node
and then start another resource B avoiding the node where resource A has
been started.

In the end what we need is to have a four node cluster that will have drbd9
and pacemaker will mount a resource (auto promoting it to master) in one
node also starting an nfs server and exporting that resource to the other
three nodes. Then pacemaker should start a nfs filesystem mount from that
master node on the other three nodes, but avoiding to start the mount in
the master node as that master node already has the resource mounted and

I know I could mount the resource in another folder, export it and then
mount it with nfs in all nodes in the correct mount point, even in the
master node that will export and mount the resource at the same time. But
I'm trying to avoid mounting from the same node that exports it, as the
performance will be affected (I assume).

Any thoughts?
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