[ClusterLabs] How to avoid starting resource where another resource has started

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Fri Jul 12 19:57:30 EDT 2019

On 2019-07-12 6:03 p.m., Josep Maria Viñolas wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know if it is possible to decide to start resource A in one node
> and then start another resource B avoiding the node where resource A has
> been started.

I think you want to look at anti-colocation.

> In the end what we need is to have a four node cluster that will have
> drbd9 and pacemaker will mount a resource (auto promoting it to master)
> in one node also starting an nfs server and exporting that resource to
> the other three nodes. Then pacemaker should start a nfs filesystem
> mount from that master node on the other three nodes, but avoiding to
> start the mount in the master node as that master node already has the
> resource mounted and accessible.
> I know I could mount the resource in another folder, export it and then
> mount it with nfs in all nodes in the correct mount point, even in the
> master node that will export and mount the resource at the same time.
> But I'm trying to avoid mounting from the same node that exports it, as
> the performance will be affected (I assume).
> Any thoughts?

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