[ClusterLabs] Question about associating with ClusterLabs wrt. a local community (Was: I have a question.)

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Tue Jul 9 08:33:25 EDT 2019

Hello Kim,

On 08/07/19 13:11 +0900, 김동현 wrote:
> I'm Donghyun Kim.
> I work as a system engineer in Korea.
> In the meantime, I was very interested in the cluster and want
> to promote it in Korea.
> There are many high-availability cases in Linux systems.
> The reason why I am sending this mail is whether I can use the name
> "ClusterLabs Korea" in my Facebook community.

I am in no authority to decide this matter, and generally speaking,
the monicker in question we reached consensus to represent "us" as
a community (and be the label for an easy association with the SW
components of the cluster stack "we" evolve/deploy, also to avoid
further ambiguities or unnecessary verbosity when referring to "us")
is still rather an informal convention rather than something we
could claim exclusivity about.

Nonetheless, it's very kind of you that you seek approval for
label reference/association first.  It's good to be clear in
these collective entity matters, like for instance about the
license/reusability of ClusterLabs logo (originally devised by
Krig, license subsequently clarified on the developers aimed
sibling list[1]).

> It's only for the Facebook community.
> Then I'll be looking forward to your reply.
> have a nice day

I am leaving this question open for more impactful community members,
but if I could have a single question, it would be about the reasons
for having a rather detached group.  It may be some cultural context
I may be missing -- does it have, for instance, something to do with
language barrier, with face to face opportunities to meet up locally,
or with heavy preference of Facebook over technically oriented forums
(like Reddit for general discussion, StackOverflow for Q&A, etc.; of
course, if blessed ClusterLabs communications channels[2] are not
a fit for whatever reason, otherwise they would ideally be the first
choice to avoid community fragmentation) where it would possibly be
more accessible for some people saving them also from imminent leakage
of personal data which is hardly (in a philosphical sense) justifiable
for the purpose of "having a technical discussion about particular
FOSS software"?

Just curious about this, looking forward to hearing from you.

P.S. speaking of community subdivisions, it's rather interesting to
me personally that also Japanese advanced their local group (actually
a long ago before I got to pacemaker), and as I just checked, it seems
still rather active: http://linux-ha.osdn.jp/wp/
(that's beside contributions to, say, Pacemaker coming in from people
of that country, and some stuff like https://github.com/linux-ha-japan
I never got to explore -- as mentioned, less fragmentation and we
could all be benefitting from getting to know the wider landscape
in a natural way, I believe).

[1] https://lists.clusterlabs.org/pipermail/developers/2019-April/002184.html
[2] https://clusterlabs.org/faq.html
    + https://wiki.clusterlabs.org/wiki/FAQ#Where_should_I_ask_questions.3F

Jan (Poki)
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