[ClusterLabs] HA problem: No live migration when setting node on standby

Philip Schiller p.schiller at plusoptix.de
Fri Apr 14 04:44:51 EDT 2023

Hello Andrei,
I'm sorry for the confusion. I will try to point everything out more specific.

*>>Andrei Borzenkov*  
/>>Thu Apr 13 15:24:38 EDT 2023 /In this Message you tested the behavior of my thread.

>>OK, I compared CIB and the difference is that non-working case has 
>>explicit "start" action in order constraint. I.e.

>>order drbd_vm_after_drbd_fs Mandatory: ms-drbd_fs:promote drbd_vm:start

>>After I added it back I get the same failed "demote" action.

So i anticipated that the fix is to dismiss the Action <start> for the drbd_vm.
I tested it and live migration on <node standby> worked.
I also tested cluster behavior on startup. No problems here.

As i wrote in

>>/Fri Apr 14 03:25:24 EDT 2023: />>I am new to this Mailing list, so I am not sure if I have to mark it as fixed.
>>Also I hope that I used the Mailing List correctly as I didn't really reply to answers. Instead I wrote new Mails to users at ...  <https://lists.clusterlabs.org/mailman/listinfo/users>  with the topic in CC.

I am not quite sure if I respond to answers correctly. I am sorry for the confusion.

Finally can you also react to this question please.

>>/Can you elaborate a little bit more on the behavior of the order 
constraint in the case where it is not working? [@Andrei Borzenkov] />/> I failed to completely understand your explanation. /Your explanation was:

>>/Thu Apr 13 15:50:34 EDT 2023 />>The default is the value of "first-action" so with "start" 
>>it ordered two "promote" actions which does nothing. So we are back at 
>>square one - if there is ordering constraint against master/slave.

I would like to know if the order constraint <order drbd_vm_after_drbd_fs Mandatory: ms-drbd_fs:promote drbd_vm>
is equivalent to: "First promote ms-drbd_fs then start drbd_vm". If so my problem would be fixed.

Thanks for the help.
With kind regards
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