[ClusterLabs] Antw: [EXT] Stonith failing

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 02:44:02 EDT 2020

18.08.2020 22:49, Klaus Wenninger пишет:
>>> What I'm not sure about is how watchdog-only sbd would behave as a
>>> fail-back method for a regular fence device. Will the cluster wait for
>>> the sbd timeout no matter what, or only if the regular fencing fails,
>>> or ...?
>> Diskless SBD implicitly creates fencing device ("watchdog"), timeout
>> starts only when this device is selected for fencing. This device
>> appears to be completely invisible to normal stonith_admin operation, I
>> do not know how to query for it. In my testing explicit stonith resource
>> was always called first and only if it failed was "watchdog" self
>> fencing attempted. I tried to set negative priority for CIB stonith
>> resource but it did not change anything.
> This matches with what I remember from going through the code ...
> like with lowest prio but not at all if there is a topology defined ...
> which probably should be overhauled ...
> If interested there is a branch about having just certain nodes
> watchdog-fenced on my pacemaker-clone that makes the watchdog
> device visible.

Actually I was wrong. fenced indeed looks like it creates "watchdog"
device, but it happens too early - at this time fenced still does not
have value of watchdog timeout so it always skips this device. That
explains why device is "invisible" - it does not exist :)

Otherwise what I said applies - watchdog fencing is used as fallback if
all other devices failed and timeout starts when pacemaker decided to
use watchdog fencing.

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