[ClusterLabs] Antw: Re: Which shell definitions to include?

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Wed Jul 24 01:46:46 EDT 2019

>>> Jan Pokorný <jpokorny at redhat.com> schrieb am 23.07.2019 um 16:49 in
<20190723144951.GD25546 at redhat.com>:
> On 23/07/19 09:07 ‑0500, Ken Gaillot wrote:
>> On Tue, 2019‑07‑23 at 08:48 +0200, Ulrich Windl wrote:
>>> It's not that I like all the changes systemd requires, but systemd
>>> complains about not being able to unmount /var while /var/run or
>>> /var/lock is being used...
>> Agreed, it should be a build‑time option whether to use /run or
>> /var/run
> Sounds more like a distro systemic inconsistency, since when /var/run
> and /var/lock are just symlinks to /run‑rooted counterparts (is it
> your case?), it suggests a hint that /var shall never be unmounted
> prior to /run itself (at which point the still surviving daemons will
> be in troubles equally and the ordering hence doesn't sit well for
> these for some reason ‑‑ I am assuming the only use case here is
> a system shutdown).
> I think I'd pay attention to other parts of the system or customized
> configuration if you are seeing problems like mentioned above;
> feels orthogonal to which access path for the same effective location
> resource‑agents project uses.
> /me wonders, was it a deliberate design step from systemd?

Well most machines I have now were upgraded from SLES11 (systemd-free) to
SLES12 (systemd). It all depends on the upgrade mechanisms provided:
I had upgraded systems from old-style UNIX filesystem layout (Users in /users,
no /var at all) to modern layout (/home, /var, etc.), and I've migrated systems
from 32bit to 64 bit without reinstalling.
Unfortunately today most software vendors don't really support upgrades; they
all recommend a fresh installation, leaving the task of re-customizing to the

That means: I had to migrate a separate /usr filesystem that we always had
into / myself (SLES12 does not support a separate /usr any more. I guess some
people did not understand what /sbin really meant, or it's just the systemd
bloat). Unfortunately there was no migration task for /var/run to /run, and I
really haven't understood all systemd magic...


> ‑‑ 
> Jan (Poki)

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