[ClusterLabs] [Announce] libqb 1.9.0 released

christine caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Thu Dec 12 11:37:40 EST 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of libqb 1.9.0 - this is a 
release candidate for a future 2.0 release

Source code is available at:

Please use the signed .tar.gz or .tar.xz files with the version number
in rather than the github-generated "Source Code" ones.

There are a small number of new features:

     high resolution logging (millisecond timestamps)
     systemd journal logging
     re-opening of log files under program control

and many bug fixes.

I've also removed the linker shenanigans that caused so much trouble 
with compatibility in the past, which is the main reason for making this 
2.0.0 rather than 1.0.6

Thanks to all the many people that made this possible.



Chrissie Caulfield (27):
tests: Improve test isolation (#298)
test: Fix 'make distcheck' (#303)
ipc_shm: Don't truncate SHM files of an active server (#307)
Allow customisable log line length (#292)
log: Use RTLD_NOOPEN when checking symbols (#310)
UPDATED: doc (ABI comparison) and various other fixes (#324)
logging: Remove linker 'magic' and just use statics for logging 
callsites (#322)
log: Add option to re-open a log file (#326)
log: Add configure-time option to use systemd journal instead of syslog 
Add the option of hi-res (millisecond) timestamps (#329)
log: Remove more dead code from linker callsites (#331)
tests: Shorted deadlock test names (#372)
make: Remove splint tests (#374)
skiplist: fix use-after-free in the skiplist traversal
skiplist: Fix previous skiplist fix
tests: allow blackbox-segfault.sh to run out-of-tree
ipc: use O_EXCL on SHM files, and randomize the names
ipc: fixes
ipc: use O_EXCL when opening IPC files
ipc: Use mkdtemp for more secure IPC files
ipc: Use mkdtemp for more secure IPC files
version: update version-info for 1.0.4 release
version: bump soname for 1.0.5 release
ipc: fix force-filesystem-sockets
tests: Speed up IPC tests, especially on FreeBSD
ipc: Remove kqueue EOF log message
lib: Fix some minor warnings from newer compilers

Daniel Black (4):
tests: blackbox-segfault test - remove residual core files
CI: travis: show logs of test failures
build: split hack for splint to work on non-x86 architectures
build: dpkg-architecture on trusty (cf. Travis CI) uses -q{NAME}

Fabio M. Di Nitto (8):
tests: use RUNPATH instead of RPATH consistently (#309)
[build] fix supported compiler warning detection (#330)
[test-rpm] build test binaries by default
[tests] export SOCKETDIR from tests/Makefile.am
[tests] allow installation of test suite
[tests] enable building / shipping of libqb-tests.rpm
[tests] first pass at fixing test execution
[build] add --with-sanitizers= option for sanitizer builds (#366)

Ferenc Wágner (8):
Fix spelling: plaform -> platform
Fix garbled Doxygen markup
Errors are represented as negative values
Allow group access to the IPC directory
Make it impossible to truncate or overflow the connection description
Let remote_tempdir() assume a NUL-terminated name
doc: qbarray.h: remove stray asterisk and parentheses
doc: qbarray: reword comment about index partitioning

Jan Friesse (2):
ipc: Fix named socket unlink on FreeBSD
ipc: Always initialize response struct

Jan Pokorný (15):
build: fix configure script neglecting, re-enable out-of-tree builds
build: configure: fix non-portable '\s' and '//{q}' in sed expression
build: allow for being consumed in a (non-endorsed) form of snapshots
build: configure: fix "snapshot consumption" feature on FreeBSD
tests: ipc: avoid problems when UNIX_PATH_MAX (108) limits is hit
tests: ipc: speed the suite up with avoiding expendable sleep(3)s
tests: ipc: allow for easier tests debugging by discerning PIDs/roles
tests: ipc: refactor/split test_ipc_dispatch part into client_dispatch
tests: ipc: check deadlock-like situation due to mixing priorities
IPC: server: avoid temporary channel priority loss, up to deadlock-worth
IPC: server: fix debug message wrt. what actually went wrong
doc: qbloop.h: document pros/cons of using built-in event loop impl
CI: travis: add (redundant for now, but...) libglib2.0-dev prerequisite
tests: ipc: fix the no-GLib conditionalizing
ringbuffer: fix mistaken errno handling around _rb_chunk_reclaim

Ken Gaillot (2):
log: Set errno when qb_log_target_alloc() fails
array,log: Never set errno to a negative value

Yusuke Iida (1):
configure: Fixed the problem that librt was explicitly needed in RHEL 6 

wferi (2):
Fix comment typo (#296)
Add Pthreads (and possibly other) flags to the pkg-config file (#332)

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