[ClusterLabs] [Announce] libqb 1.9.0 released

Yan Gao YGao at suse.com
Fri Dec 13 10:00:05 EST 2019

Hi Christine,

Congratulations and thanks for the release!

As previously brought from: 

, the master branch has this too:


, but doesn't seem to have:


Does it mean the master branch is somehow not impacted by the issues, or 
some other solutions are being sought there? Thanks.


On 12/12/19 5:37 PM, christine caulfield wrote:
> We are pleased to announce the release of libqb 1.9.0 - this is a 
> release candidate for a future 2.0 release
> Source code is available at:
> https://github.com/ClusterLabs/libqb/releases/download/1.9.0/libqb-1.9.0.tar.xz 
> Please use the signed .tar.gz or .tar.xz files with the version number
> in rather than the github-generated "Source Code" ones.
> There are a small number of new features:
>      high resolution logging (millisecond timestamps)
>      systemd journal logging
>      re-opening of log files under program control
> and many bug fixes.
> I've also removed the linker shenanigans that caused so much trouble 
> with compatibility in the past, which is the main reason for making this 
> 2.0.0 rather than 1.0.6
> Thanks to all the many people that made this possible.
> Chrissie
> shortlog:
> Chrissie Caulfield (27):
> tests: Improve test isolation (#298)
> test: Fix 'make distcheck' (#303)
> ipc_shm: Don't truncate SHM files of an active server (#307)
> Allow customisable log line length (#292)
> log: Use RTLD_NOOPEN when checking symbols (#310)
> UPDATED: doc (ABI comparison) and various other fixes (#324)
> logging: Remove linker 'magic' and just use statics for logging 
> callsites (#322)
> log: Add option to re-open a log file (#326)
> log: Add configure-time option to use systemd journal instead of syslog 
> (#327)
> Add the option of hi-res (millisecond) timestamps (#329)
> log: Remove more dead code from linker callsites (#331)
> tests: Shorted deadlock test names (#372)
> make: Remove splint tests (#374)
> skiplist: fix use-after-free in the skiplist traversal
> skiplist: Fix previous skiplist fix
> tests: allow blackbox-segfault.sh to run out-of-tree
> ipc: use O_EXCL on SHM files, and randomize the names
> ipc: fixes
> ipc: use O_EXCL when opening IPC files
> ipc: Use mkdtemp for more secure IPC files
> ipc: Use mkdtemp for more secure IPC files
> version: update version-info for 1.0.4 release
> version: bump soname for 1.0.5 release
> ipc: fix force-filesystem-sockets
> tests: Speed up IPC tests, especially on FreeBSD
> ipc: Remove kqueue EOF log message
> lib: Fix some minor warnings from newer compilers
> Daniel Black (4):
> tests: blackbox-segfault test - remove residual core files
> CI: travis: show logs of test failures
> build: split hack for splint to work on non-x86 architectures
> build: dpkg-architecture on trusty (cf. Travis CI) uses -q{NAME}
> Fabio M. Di Nitto (8):
> tests: use RUNPATH instead of RPATH consistently (#309)
> [build] fix supported compiler warning detection (#330)
> [test-rpm] build test binaries by default
> [tests] export SOCKETDIR from tests/Makefile.am
> [tests] allow installation of test suite
> [tests] enable building / shipping of libqb-tests.rpm
> [tests] first pass at fixing test execution
> [build] add --with-sanitizers= option for sanitizer builds (#366)
> Ferenc Wágner (8):
> Fix spelling: plaform -> platform
> Fix garbled Doxygen markup
> Errors are represented as negative values
> Allow group access to the IPC directory
> Make it impossible to truncate or overflow the connection description
> Let remote_tempdir() assume a NUL-terminated name
> doc: qbarray.h: remove stray asterisk and parentheses
> doc: qbarray: reword comment about index partitioning
> Jan Friesse (2):
> ipc: Fix named socket unlink on FreeBSD
> ipc: Always initialize response struct
> Jan Pokorný (15):
> build: fix configure script neglecting, re-enable out-of-tree builds
> build: configure: fix non-portable '\s' and '//{q}' in sed expression
> build: allow for being consumed in a (non-endorsed) form of snapshots
> build: configure: fix "snapshot consumption" feature on FreeBSD
> tests: ipc: avoid problems when UNIX_PATH_MAX (108) limits is hit
> tests: ipc: speed the suite up with avoiding expendable sleep(3)s
> tests: ipc: allow for easier tests debugging by discerning PIDs/roles
> tests: ipc: refactor/split test_ipc_dispatch part into client_dispatch
> tests: ipc: check deadlock-like situation due to mixing priorities
> IPC: server: avoid temporary channel priority loss, up to deadlock-worth
> IPC: server: fix debug message wrt. what actually went wrong
> doc: qbloop.h: document pros/cons of using built-in event loop impl
> CI: travis: add (redundant for now, but...) libglib2.0-dev prerequisite
> tests: ipc: fix the no-GLib conditionalizing
> ringbuffer: fix mistaken errno handling around _rb_chunk_reclaim
> Ken Gaillot (2):
> log: Set errno when qb_log_target_alloc() fails
> array,log: Never set errno to a negative value
> Yusuke Iida (1):
> configure: Fixed the problem that librt was explicitly needed in RHEL 6 
> (#328)
> wferi (2):
> Fix comment typo (#296)
> Add Pthreads (and possibly other) flags to the pkg-config file (#332)
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