[ClusterLabs] pcs constraint order set syntax

Ivan Devát idevat at redhat.com
Tue Nov 20 03:35:31 EST 2018

Hello Chris,

Dne 19. 11. 18 v 23:32 Chris Miller napsal(a):
> Hello,
>      I am attempting to add a resource to an existing ordering 
> constraint set. The system in question came pre-configured with PCS 
> (FreePBX HA), and need to add a resource group (queuemetrics) to the 
> ordering constraint set. Before modification, the existing set is as 
> follows (output from pcs config --full)
> set mysql httpd asterisk sequential=true (id:mysql-httpd-asterisk) 
> setoptions kind=Optional (id:freepbx-start-order)
> I'm having issues with the "resource order set" command syntax, 
> specifically with setting options and IDs. Per the man page and help 
> info, the syntax appears as it should be this :
> pcs constraint order set mysql httpd asterisk queuemetrics 
> sequential=true id=mysql-httpd-asterisk setoptions kind=Optional 
> id=freepbx-start-order

according pcs man:
* sequential=true id=mysql-httpd-asterisk are options
* kind=Optional id=freepbx-start-order are constraint_options

Allowed options are: action, require-all, role, sequential.
So id=mysql-httpd-asterisk is not valid.

For constraint_options it is possible to use id. However, `pcs 
constraint order set` is only for creating constraint set. Unfortunately 
it is not possible to update a constraint.

As a workaround you can delete the constraint and create the new one in 
one step. Something like this:

$ pcs cluster cib temp-cib.xml
$ pcs constraint delete freepbx-start-order -f temp-cib.xml
$ pcs constraint order set mysql httpd asterisk queuemetrics 
sequential=true setoptions kind=Optional id=freepbx-start-order -f 
$ pcs cluster cib-push temp-cib.xml

> However when running this command I receive the following error :
> Call cib_replace failed (-203): Update does not conform to the 
> configured schema
> I have also tried variations of this syntax, and the ID option 
> specifically is ignored and a dynamically generated name is used instead.
> I'm not having any luck finding guidance with this specific issue 
> online. Thanks in advance for your guidance.
> Chris

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