[ClusterLabs] Feedback wanted: changing "master/slave" terminology

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Fri Jan 26 04:41:51 EST 2018

25.01.2018 21:28, Ken Gaillot wrote:


>> If I can throw another suggestion in (without offering preference for
>> it
>> myself), 'dual-state clones'? The reasoning is that, though three
>> words
>> instead of two, spell-check likes it, it sounds OK on day one (from a
>> language perspective) and it reflects that the clone has only one of
>> two
>> states.
> Or "dual-role".

Btw, is the word 'tri-state' or 'tristate' usable in contemporary English?
Some online translators accept it, but google isn't.

> Binary/dual/multi all have the issue that all resources have multiple
> states (stopped, started, etc.). Not a deal-breaker, but a factor to
> consider.
> What we're trying to represent is: clone resources that have an
> additional possible role that pacemaker manages via the promote/demote
> actions.
> I go back and forth between options. "Multistate" would be OK,
> especially since it's already used in some places. "Promotable" is
> probably most accurate.

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