[ClusterLabs] Feedback wanted: changing "master/slave" terminology

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Fri Jan 26 12:22:45 EST 2018

On 2018-01-26 03:52 AM, Klaus Wenninger wrote:
>> "Promotable" is certainly accurate, but I have a (very mild) concern
>> about how easily it is understood by non-native English speakers.
>> Perhaps someone who speaks English as a second language could chime in
>> on that?
> I would probably fall under this category and "Promotable" makes
> makes sense to me.
> But unfortunately I'm probably already tainted by
> long-time-exposure to pacemaker ;-)
> Regards,
> Klaus

That's two non-native English speakers who have said that "promotable"
is OK. Perhaps it will work just fine then. :)

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