[ClusterLabs] crmsh 2.2.0 has been released!

Kristoffer Grönlund kgronlund at suse.com
Fri Jan 15 11:27:40 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

In June of last year, I released Release Candidate 3 of crmsh 2.2.0,
and I honestly expected to have the final version ready no more than a
few weeks later. Well, it took around 6 months, but now it is finally

The source code can be downloaded from Github:

* https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh/releases/tag/2.2.0

Packages for several popular Linux distributions can be downloaded
from the Stable repository at the OBS:

* http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/network:/ha-clustering:/Stable/

Archives of the tagged release:

* https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh/archive/2.2.0.tar.gz
* https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh/archive/2.2.0.zip

There are many new features and quite a few bug fixes, but I'll try to
describe some of the major changes below. For the full list of changes
since version 2.1, see the ChangeLog. I am also including the list
of changes since RC3 in the release notes below.

* https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh/blob/2.2.0/ChangeLog

New features introduced in this version:

* Support for many of the new features introduced in Pacemaker
  1.1.14, including improved support for Pacemaker Remote and
  pattern-based fencing topology configurations.

* The cluster scripts have been greatly improved and are now used as
  the wizards backend for hawk. Together with the improvements in the
  cluster scripts, the crmsh template sublevel has been deprecated,
  and all of the templates are now available as cluster scripts. The
  template sublevel will be removed in a future version.

* The history explorer now replaces the combined log and event files
  from hb_report using the commands crm history log and crm history
  events. Additionally, the info summary now highlights transitions
  that contain error logs or other potentially interesting events.

* Improved verification before committing new changes, for example
  crmsh now warns if colocation constraints are applied to group

* resource start / stop / restart now take multiple resource arguments.

* Added a maintenance sublevel with commands intended to simplify the
  use of maintenance mode.

* Switched to using the python parallax library instead of pssh for
  remote node communication. Parallax is a fork of pssh with
  additional features added specifically for using it as a python
  library rather than a command line tool. Packages for
  python-parallax can be downloaded from the OBS, or it can be
  installed from PyPI.

Full list of changes since 2.2.0-rc3:

- medium: history: Fix live report refresh (bsc#950422) (bsc#927414)
- medium: history: Ignore central log
- medium: cibconfig: Detect false container children
- low: clidisplay: Avoid crash when colorizing None
- medium: scripts: Load single file yml scripts
- medium: scripts: Reformat scripts to simplified form
- medium: ui_history: Add events command (bsc#952449)
- low: hb_report: Drop function from event patterns
- high: cibconfig: Preserve failure through edit (bsc#959965)
- high: cibconfig: fail if new object already exists (bsc#959965)
- medium: ui_cib: Call crm_shadow in batch mode to avoid spawning subshell (bsc#961392)
- high: cibconfig: Fix XML import bug for cloned groups (bsc#959895)
- high: ui_configure: Move validate-all validation to a separate command (bsc#956442)
- high: scripts: Don't require scripts to be an array of one element
- medium: scripts: Enable setting category in legacy wizards (bnc#957926)
- high: scripts: Don't delete steps from upgraded wizards (bnc#957925)
- high: ra: Only run validate-all if current user is root
- high: cibconfig: Call validate-all action on agent in verify (bsc#956442)
- high: script: Fix issues found in cluster scripts
- high: ui_ra: Add ra validate command (bsc#956442)
- low: resource: Fix unban alias for unmigrate
- high: ui_resource: Add constraints and operations commands
- high: ui_resource: Enable start/stop/status for multiple resources at once (bsc#952775)
- high: scripts: Conservatively verify scripts that modify the CIB (bsc#951954)
- high: xmlutil: Order is significant in resource_set (bsc#955434)
- medium: scripts: Lower copy target to string
- doc: configure load can read from stdin
- medium: script: (filesystem) create stopped (bsc#952670)
- medium: scripts: Check required parameters for optional sub-steps
- high: scripts: Eval CIB text in correct scope (bsc#952600)
- medium: utils: Fix python 2.6 compatibility
- medium: ui_script: Tag legacy wizards as legacy in show (bsc#952226)
- medium: scripts: No optional steps in legacy wizards (bsc#952226)
- high: utils: Revised time zone handling (bsc#951759)
- high: report: Fix syslog parser regexps (bsc#951759)
- low: constants: Tweaked graph colours
- high: scripts: Fix DRBD script resource reference (bsc#951028)
- low: constants: Tweaked graph colors
- medium: report: Make transitions without end stretch to 2525
- high: utils: Handle time zones in parse_time (bsc#949511)
- medium: hb_report: Remove reference to function name in event patterns (bsc#942906)
- medium: ui_script: Optionally print common params
- medium: cibconfig: Fix sanity check for attribute-based fencing topology (#110)
- high: cibconfig: Fix bug with node/resource collision
- high: scripts: Determine output format of script correctly (bsc#949980)
- doc: add explanatory comments to fencing_topology
- doc: add missing backslash in fencing_topology example
- doc: add missing <> to fencing_topology syntax
- low: don't use deprecated crm_attribute -U option
- doc: resource-discovery for location constraints
- high: utils: Fix cluster_copy_file error when nodes provided
- low: xmlutil: More informative message when updating resource references after rename
- doc: fix some command syntax grammar in the man page
- high: cibconfig: Delete constraints before resources
- high: cibconfig: Fix bug in is_edit_valid (bsc#948547)
- medium: hb_report: Don't cat binary logs
- high: cibconfig: Allow node/rsc id collision in _set_update (bsc#948547)
- low: report: Silence tar warning on early stream close
- high: cibconfig: Allow nodes and resources with the same ID (bsc#948547)
- high: log_patterns_118: Update the correct set of log patterns (bsc#942906)
- low: ui_resource: Silence spurious migration non-warning from pacemaker
- medium: config: Always fall back to /usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin for programs (bsc#947818)
- medium: report: Enable opening .xz-compressed report tarballs
- medium: cibconfig: Only warn for grouped children in colocations (bsc#927423)
- medium: cibconfig: Allow order constraints on group children (bsc#927423)
- medium: cibconfig: Warn if configuring constraint on child resource (bsc#927423) (#101)
- high: ui_node: Show remote nodes in crm node list (bsc#877962)
- high: config: Remove config.core.supported_schemas (bsc#946893)
- medium: report: Mark transitions with errors with a star in info output (bsc#943470)
- low: report: Remove first transition tag regex
- medium: report: Add transition tags command (bsc#943470)
- low: ui_history: Better error handling and documentation for the detail command
- low: ui_history: Swap from and to times if to < from
- medium: cibconfig: XML parser support for node-attr fencing topology
- medium: parse: Updated syntax for fencing-topology target attribute
- medium: parse: Add support for node attribute as fencing topology target
- high: scripts: Add enum type to script values
- low: scripts: [MailTo] install mailx package
- low: scripts: Fix typo in email type verifier
- high: script: Fix subscript agent reference bug
- low: constants: Add meta attributes for remote nodes
- medium: scripts: Fix typo in lvm script
- high: scripts: Generate actions for includes if none are defined
- low: scripts: [virtual-ip] make lvs_support an advanced parameter
- medium: crm_pssh: Timeout is an int (bsc#943820)
- medium: scripts: Add MailTo script
- low: scripts: Improved script parameter validation
- high: parse: Fix crash when referencing score types by name (bsc#940194)
- doc: Clarify documentation for colocations using node-attribute
- high: ui_script: Print cached errors in json run
- medium: scripts: Use --no option over --force unless force: true is set in the script
- medium: options: Add --no option
- high: scripts: Default to passing --force to crm after all
- high: scripts: Add force parameter to cib and crm actions, and don't pass --force by default
- low: scripts: Make virtual IP optional [nfsserver]
- medium: scripts: Ensure that the Filesystem resource exists [nfsserver] (bsc#898658)
- medium: report: Reintroduce empty transition pruning (bsc#943291)
- low: hb_report: Collect libqb version (bsc#943327)
- medium: log_patterns: Remove reference to function name in log patterns (bsc#942906)
- low: hb_report: Increase time to wait for the logmark
- high: hb_report: Always prefer syslog if available (bsc#942906)
- high: report: Update transition edge regexes (bsc#942906)
- medium: scripts: Switch install default to false
- low: scripts: Catch attempt to pass dict as parameter value
- high: report: Output format from pacemaker has changed (bsc#941681)
- high: hb_report: Prefer pacemaker.log if it exists (bsc#941681)
- medium: report: Add pacemaker.log to find_node_log list (bsc#941734)
- high: hb_report: Correct path to hb_report after move to subdirectory (bsc#936026)
- low: main: Bash completion didn't handle sudo correctly
- medium: config: Add report_tool_options (bsc#917638)
- high: parse: Add attributes to terminator set (bsc#940920)
- Medium: cibconfig: skip sanity check for properties other than cib-bootstrap-options
- medium: ui_script: Fix bug in verify json encoding
- low: ui_script: Check JSON command syntax
- medium: ui_script: Add name to action output (fate#318211)
- low: scripts: Preserve formatting of longdescs
- low: scripts: Clearer shortdesc for filesystem
- low: scripts: Fix formatting for SAP scripts
- low: scripts: add missing type annotations to libvirt script
- low: scripts: make overridden parameters non-advanced by default
- low: scripts: Tweak description for libvirt
- low: scripts: Strip shortdesc for scripts and params
- low: scripts: Title and category for exportfs
- high: ui_script: drop end sentinel from API output (fate#318211)
- low: scripts: Fix possible reference error in agent include
- low: scripts: Clearer error message
- low: Remove build revision from version
- low: Add HAProxy script to data manifest
- medium: constants: Add 'provides' meta attribute (bsc#936587)
- medium: scripts: Add HAProxy script
- high: hb_report: find utility scripts after move (bsc#936026)
- high: ui_report: Move hb_report to subdirectory (bsc#936026)
- high: Makefile: Don't unstall hb_report using data-manifest (bsc#936026)
- medium: report: Fall back to cluster-glue hb_report if necessary (bsc#936026)
- medium: scripts: stop inserting comments as values
- high: scripts: subscript values not required if subscript has no parameters / all defaults (fate#318211)
- medium: scripts: Fix name override for subscripts (fate#318211)
- low: scripts: Clean up generated CIB (fate#318211)

As usual, a huge thank you to all contributors and users of crmsh!


// Kristoffer Grönlund
// kgronlund at suse.com

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