[Pacemaker] Configuration recommandations for (very?) large cluster

Cédric Dufour - Idiap Research Institute cedric.dufour at idiap.ch
Mon Aug 11 08:10:48 EDT 2014


Thanks to Pacemaker 1.1.12, I have been able to setup a (very?) large cluster:

Last updated: Mon Aug 11 13:40:14 2014
Last change: Mon Aug 11 13:37:55 2014
Stack: classic openais (with plugin)
Current DC: bc1hx5a05 - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.12-561c4cf
22 Nodes configured, 22 expected votes
444 Resources configured

PS: 'corosync' (1.4.7) traffic goes through a 10GbE network, with strict QoS priority over all other traffic.

Are there recommended configuration tweaks I should not miss in such situation?

So far, I have:
 - Raised the 'PCMK_ipc_buffer' size to 2MiB
 - Lowered the 'batch-limit' to 10 (though I believe my setup could sustain the default 30)

Thank you in advance for your response.




Cédric Dufour @ Idiap Research Institute

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