[Pacemaker] WG: Patches for Solaris/Illumos

Grüninger, Andreas (LGL Extern) Andreas.Grueninger at lgl.bwl.de
Mon Aug 11 03:18:01 EDT 2014

During the last days I compiled the current trunk of pacemaker with gcc 4.4 in OpenIndiana.
I checked the binaries with the current trunk of corosync and libqb.
The change is compatible with Solaris and Illumos based OS like OpenIndiana, SmartOS, Nexenta, OmniOS.

A pull request is waiting in https://github.com/beekhof/pacemaker/pulls.

The patches are mainly necessary to scope with some linuxuism and the gnu compiler chain actual available with Illumos-based kernels (gcc 4.4).
I did not yet check the code in crmd/throttle.c. 

I find in the logs:
Aug 10 18:51:34 [3858]       crmd:  warning: throttle_num_cores:        Couldn't read /proc/cpuinfo, assuming a single processor: No such file or directory (2)
Some parts of the code should be fenced to Linux or adapted to Solaris.
I will check it in the next days.



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