[Pacemaker] New action for resource running in multiple nodes

Adrián López Tejedor adrianlzt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 10:26:19 EDT 2013


In the environment we use corosync/pacemaker, recently we are having some
problems with the network used to maintain the cluster. This short
interruptions cause the passive node (we have a two node active-passive
configuration with apache tomcat) to think he is alone, and start another
instance of tomcat.
Few seconds later, the cluster reconnects, and the resource is found active
in both nodes. The default behaviour (as seen in
is to stop both, and start one of them.

For us, this implies that service is down everytime a short interruption in
the network occurs.

Maybe a new option for "multiple-active" like "stop_old" and/or "stop_new"
could be useful, stopping only the newest instance of the resource.

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