[Pacemaker] Problem with one drbd dual primary ressource (fwd)

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Sorry, didn't send this to the list...

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Hi again,

According to [0], there is actually no need to configure drbd ressources
if using Xen with drbd. 

"You may configure a Xen domU as a Pacemaker resource, and automate
resource failover. To do so, use the Xen OCF resource agent. If you are
using the drbd Xen device type described in this chapter, you will not
need to configure any separate drbd resource for use by the Xen cluster

Is this correct and wise to do? 
I just made a small test and it worked like beforce (and the failure is
obviously gone...) :>


[0] http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-xen-pacemaker.html

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