[Pacemaker] Pacemaket + Corosync + DRBD + Apache : apache can't start when the DocumentRoot change

Yann LE RU yann.le-ru at isen.fr
Wed Oct 31 09:00:34 EDT 2012

Hello everybody,

I'm a new user of pacemaker.
I'm trying to have Apache running HA.
To do it, I've configure a partition to be replicated with DRBD. I would 
like to have my DocumentRoot on it.
DRBD is working well.
I've also configured pacemaker to monitor a Virtuel IP (to access my 
apche service), apache, DRBD and the mounting of the filesystem.
Everything is working with Pacemaker. I can stop one node and all the 
services start on the other (I'm using colocation to be sure everything 
is running on the same node and order to be sure the services start in 
the good order).
Now I would like to use the same DocumentRoot even if one node fails. 
But when I change the DocumentRoot parameter to user the DRBD partition, 
apache don't manage to start.
If I stop corosync and start DRBD by hand, mount the filesystem by hand 
and start apache by hand (with DocumentRoot pointing to the DRBD 
partition), it works !!!!

My cluster architecture is :

  * Two nodes
  * Each node is a Linux Debian Squeeze using pacemker and corosync

Could you please help me ? I have no more idea !!! I've read a lot on 
Internet and followed the tutorials. I think I did like other people who 
have a cluster working...

Document sans nom

*Yann LE RU*
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