[Pacemaker] Pacemaket + Corosync + DRBD + Apache : apache can't start when the DocumentRoot change

Jake Smith jsmith at argotec.com
Wed Oct 31 10:17:52 EDT 2012

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> Subject: [Pacemaker] Pacemaket + Corosync + DRBD + Apache : apache
> can't start when the DocumentRoot change

> Hello everybody,

> I'm a new user of pacemaker.
> I'm trying to have Apache running HA.
> To do it, I've configure a partition to be replicated with DRBD. I
> would like to have my DocumentRoot on it.
> DRBD is working well.
> I've also configured pacemaker to monitor a Virtuel IP (to access my
> apche service), apache, DRBD and the mounting of the filesystem.
> Everything is working with Pacemaker. I can stop one node and all the
> services start on the other (I'm using colocation to be sure
> everything is running on the same node and order to be sure the
> services start in the good order).
> Now I would like to use the same DocumentRoot even if one node fails.
> But when I change the DocumentRoot parameter to user the DRBD
> partition, apache don't manage to start.
> If I stop corosync and start DRBD by hand, mount the filesystem by
> hand and start apache by hand (with DocumentRoot pointing to the
> DRBD partition), it works !!!!

Are you using an Apache Resource Agent when configuring it within Pacemaker?
Then when you manually test it you are using the LSB for Apache I would assume.
You could try to use the Apache LSB in Pacemaker and verify it works that way.

I would look at the differences between what the RA is doing and the init script - I would expect your problem lies there...



> My cluster architecture is :

> * Two nodes
> * Each node is a Linux Debian Squeeze using pacemker and corosync

> Could you please help me ? I have no more idea !!! I've read a lot on
> Internet and followed the tutorials. I think I did like other people
> who have a cluster working...

> Sincerely,

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