[Pacemaker] Pacemaker moving a sticky multi-state resource when another node is brought online

Tupja, Ravik RTupja at BroadViewNet.com
Tue Oct 30 16:39:25 EDT 2012



We have a multi-state resource called callp running in a 2 node cluster
(node A and node B).  


In a customer deployment, we had node A in which callp was running as a
master and in node B it was running as a slave.  


The following happened:

1 - Node B was placed in standby mode.  After this, callp (the
multi-state resource), was continuing to run as master on node A as

2 - Next, node B was placed in online mode.  

3 - PROBLEM -> The cluster decided to move the master callp to node B by
demoting callp on node A and trying to promote it on node B.  This is an
undesirable operation.  The default stickiness level in our cluster is
set to 99 to prevent such movement of resources.   I have confirmed that
callp is using the default stickiness of 99.


Therefore, the cluster should not move callp when another node is
brought online due to the stickiness being 99.  I am not able to
reproduce the problem because it happens very rarely but I need to know
of a way to prevent this from happening again for sure.


I would appreciate any help.



Ravik Tupja

Sen. Software Developer

silhouette Research and  Development

Broadview Networks

p: +1.613.280.2010

e: rtupja at broadviewnet.com


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