[Pacemaker] Debian Package Status

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Fri Jan 30 05:02:30 EST 2009


first of all: many thanks for your work! and you do not have to
apologize for the slow process. anyone complaining is more than welcome
to do that themselves.

besides that, as an active debian user, i would like to comment on your

Simon Horman wrote:
> Anibal and to a lesser extent I have prepared debian packages
> of heartbeat 2.99.2 and pacemaker 1.0.1. And I think that we
> are quite close to uploading them. They latest can be found at
> either http://people.debian.org/~anibal/tmp/ or
> http://packages.vergenet.net/experimental/, depending on whether
> Anibal have made the latest update. As of the time of writing
> I have made the most recent updates.
> Once the finishing touches have been done to those packages we
> plan to upload them to experimental. And if all goes well move
> them over to unstable (sid) in about a month. Any and all testing
> and feedback is more than welcome. Feel free to use the debian bug
> tracker.

heartbeat beta-2.99.2 is 3 months old. i suggest using a more recent
version/tag because there are some important fixes, at least for more
complex scenarios, since than. lmb recently tagged "sle11-rc3" - maybe
this is a good start? what about the the debian specific fixes that are
even more recent? [1]

secondly, there have been important fixes since pacemaker 1.0.1
releases. i, for example, am not able to run 1.0.1 without headaches :)
please, do not ask which fixes are the important ones (for me) - i
just know that i had to build my pacemaker from the than-recent sources.

so i would really like to see those packages in sid (and thus testing
and lenny-backports) and i guess that others would like that too.

if you need help with that, do not hesitate to contact me!

> I have also made packages of pacemaker-pygui, which is basically
> the code currently packaged as heartbeat-gui. I'm undecided on
> whether to upload this or not. User demand will likely be the deciding
> factor.

as i do not use the gui, i have no issue with that ;)

> For sid, while heartbeat 2.99.2 is still in experimental I will
> try and do urgent bug fixes for 2.1.4. I plan to upload 2.1.4-4 later today
> (unless I run out of time).
> For Lenny I am doing maintenance on 2.1.3, and that will continue for
> the lifetime of Lenny.

i would like to hear comments from the devs on this one - as far as i
remember, 2.1.3 (and .4) had some issues with "complex"
group/clone/stonith/colocation scenarios.

again, thank you for your work!


[1] http://hg.linux-ha.org/dev/shortlog
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