[Pacemaker] not clear, so question

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 07:28:36 EDT 2009

I think you need to back up a bit and simply state what you're trying
to achieve.

- How many nodes?
- How many apps?
- How many apps will users interact with directly? (This gives a good
indication of how many IPs you need)
- Do the apps talk to each other?
- Will apps be accepting requests on more than one node at a time? (If
so, only then do you need to involve CLUSTERIP)

2009/4/5 Infos E-Blokos <infos at e-blokos.com>:
> Hi Andew,
> after read all the possible doc,
> I have yet some misunderstood of the IP mechanism :
> Example :
> Primarly I had one serveur that offer all services as
> web,mail,db,perl apps etc...
> I planned to upgrade my system as a cluster with at least
> low latency and cloning(?) since some apps I developped
> ask a lot of connections and cpu load.
> So I concluded that a cluster with 4 clones were necessary (maybe I'm wrong)
> a short describe of my machine config :
> - iptables that filter and route a public subnet of 27 ips to 27 local
> subnet ips ( from eth0 to eth1
> - apache configured to accept subnet for websites in port 80
> and 443
> My question is do I need one other ip public subnet for and change the local
> ips of every website on every node to avoid
> ip conflict between nodes ?
> I understood the CLUSTERIP concept, but not  the real ips configuration of
> each clone node.
> Thanks for your help
> Franck
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