[Pacemaker] not clear, so question

Infos E-Blokos infos at e-blokos.com
Thu Apr 9 10:23:23 EDT 2009

Hello Andrew,

- How many nodes?
4 nodes

- How many apps?
about 10

- How many apps will users interact with directly? (This gives a good
indication of how many IPs you need)
about 5/8, in fact apache manage 2 public class IPs with virtual host
so other apps work interactly with it.

- Do the apps talk to each other?
If you talk about apache, php, perl, postgresql, so yes.

- Will apps be accepting requests on more than one node at a time? (If
so, only then do you need to involve CLUSTERIP)
yes if possible, to increase request number, but maybe load balancing is more

I planned to use drbd to manage data between nodes also. but yet I'm not sure of this solution.
My real goal is to increase the number of clients from apache and applications I developped with
HA solution in case of failure. But my system is restricted to host on the same machine all applications
I use (Web, DB, my apps) if not it will be very complex to manage it. the most important is also that
the client needs to stay on the same node once he logged into the system.

Thanks for your help and good luck with pacemaker

Franck Chionna
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