[Pacemaker] Announce: pacemaker-mgmt 1.99.1(beta! release)

Yan Gao ygao at novell.com
Mon Apr 27 06:05:17 EDT 2009

Hi all,
Pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.1 is now available. It's compatible with

Main changes since 1.99.0:
* Shadow configuration support
* Automatically generate meaningful unique IDs instead of UUIDs for
* i18n(internationalization) support
* bug fixes

Packages for pacemaker-mgmt 1.99.1 and it's dependencies can be  
downloaded from :

and the source can be obtained from:

pacemaker-mgmt (1.99.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
  * Update source tarball to revision: 8b0a4cc4ac22 tip
  * Statistics:
      Changesets: 45
      Diff:            29 files changed, 11370 insertions(+), 1385

  * Changes since pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.0
  + Build: (bnc#487697) Add copies of licenses
  + Dev: haclient: Automatically generate meaningful unique IDs instead
of UUIDs
  + Dev: haclient: Automatically generate unique IDs for "op"s in
"Simple Mode"
  + Dev: haclient: Hide less used attributes of "op" in simple mode
  + Dev: haclient: Improved for i18n
  + Dev: haclient: Make sure a generated ID is valid against schema
  + Dev: haclient: Propose ID for objects for which users may not want
to set ID themselves
  + Dev: mgmt: Implement shadow configuration support
  + Dev: po: Maintain po in a separate directory.
  + High: mgmt: The path that keeps PEngine outputs has been changed!
  + High: mgmtd: Replace the adoptions of dirent->d_type which is not
supported by some filesystems such as reiserfs
  + Low: Build: Improve i18n support for compatibility
  + Low: configure.in: Improve configure for stack check
  + Low: haclient: (bnc#484169) Add desktop file
  + Low: haclient: Add "interleave" setting in wizard
  + Low: haclient: Change the layout of buttons for TransitionInfoDlg()
  + Low: haclient: Do not set "target-role" in add wizard if working on
a shadow CIB
  + Low: haclient: Fix file filters for saving transition graph
  + Low: haclient: Hide optional attributes for "rsc_order" in simple
  + Low: haclient: Make sure a created intermediate object's ID is
  + Low: haclient: Rename some terms
  + Low: haclient: Support objects with unicode IDs
  + Low: mgmtd: Try to stat the cluster report file directly
  + Medium: haclient: (bnc#486866) Check whether a specified time is
  + Medium: haclient: (bnc#488594) Additional prechecks for "primitive"
  + Medium: haclient: Generate an UUID first (since there are objects
for which we could not generate a meaningful ID)
  + Medium: haclient: Get and cache CRM metadata in advance
  + Medium: haclient: Set the focus back after dynamically tuning the
  + Medium: mgmt: Optimize viewing transition information
  + Medium: mgmtd: Avoid segmentation faults caused by missing the
required user or group

 -- Yan Gao <ygao at novell.com>  Mon, 27 Apr 2009 14:15:55 +0800

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