[Pacemaker] Xen DomU live migration

Ivars Strazdiņš ivars.strazdins at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 07:45:10 EDT 2009

Hi Pacemaker experts,
sorry for my newbie questions. Here are two.

I've setup two node Pacemaker/Heartbeat cluster. Pacemaker is 1.0.3 and 
Heartbeat is 2.99.02.
 All is fine, but live migration doesn't happen. DomU's are always shut 
down first then started on the other node.
I configured resources through GUI and have noticed that "allow_migrate" 
attribute is listed in "instance_attributes" section. But all the 
googled results usually show it in "meta_attributes" section. What is 
the correct "live migration" configuration?
Also, in this post 
(http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/linuxha/users/53222) I've read 
something about attribute order. Is it relevant?
I am attaching cibadmin -Q output. Sorry again if that's too much.

Thank you for your time.
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