[Pacemaker] Backport from Pacemaker 1.0 to Heartbeat 2.1.4

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Oct 28 22:08:21 EDT 2008

> Oh we weren't being serious - if a customer finds a bug/regression in
> a supported version, then we need to fix it.  No bribes are required.
> This is the benefit of being a customer - you don't even need to worry
> about this because regardless of what happens to clustering
> "upstream", we're paid to maintain the "old" version for 7 years after
> it's release.
> Besides, beer and pizza are more effective for bribes anyway :-)

sorry, it's not what I want to say. This isn't so serious.
Our colleagues are doing a lot of various tests every day,
so they can find some unexpected behaviors which are not the direct requests
from the certain customer.
But it would be advantageous if these behaviors could be fixed soon when we
promote Pacemaker and Heartbeat (or OpenAIS) to some potential customers.
It's true that if the customer doesn't need that function, that's not a bug.

well, whatever, beer and pizza are really magic wands :)


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