[ClusterLabs Developers] How to implement fencing agent with no associated hardware device with Pacemaker?

Reid Wahl nwahl at redhat.com
Wed Jul 29 23:40:01 EDT 2020

If you have a hardware **watchdog timer**, then sbd is a good option. With
shared storage, you can also implement fence_sbd.

KVM virtual machines also offer an emulated hardware watchdog. I'm not sure
whether that would fit your criteria or not -- it depends on whether you're
only excluding a management interface like an iLO/IMM, or whether you're
also excluding a watchdog timer.

If you can't use sbd or conventional power fencing (e.g., fence_ipmilan),
then you may be able to use fence_scsi or fence_mpath since you have shared

What hardware or virtualization platform are you running on, and is there a
particular reason you don't want to associate fencing with a hardware

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 8:34 PM Philippe M Stedman <pmstedma at us.ibm.com>

> Hi ClusterLabs developers,
> I am looking into how to develop a fencing agent for Pacemaker that is not
> associated to any underlying hardware device. In our case we have two
> servers (we will expand to more in the future) which have access to shared
> storage. When one of the two nodes fails, we expect the surviving node to
> invoke our user-defined fencing agent and run a series of commands which
> will "expel" the lost host from accessing shared storage.
> Do you have any advice on how to go about implementing such a solution?
> All the examples I can find online revolve around using some sort of
> underlying hardware device to implement fencing.
> Help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
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