[ClusterLabs] IPaddr2 Started (disabled) ?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 04:20:42 EST 2023

hi guys.

A cluster thinks the resource is up:
   * HA-10-1-1-80    (ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2):     Started 
ubusrv3 (disabled)
while it is not the case. What might it mean?
Config is simple:
-> $ pcs resource config HA-10-1-1-80
  Resource: HA-10-1-1-80 (class=ocf provider=heartbeat 
   Attributes: cidr_netmask=24 ip=
   Meta Attrs: failure-timeout=20s target-role=Stopped
   Operations: monitor interval=10s timeout=20s 
               start interval=0s timeout=20s 
               stop interval=0s timeout=20s 

I expected, well.. cluster to behave.
This results in a trouble - because of that exactly I think 
- for when resource is re-enabled then that IP/resource is 
not instantiated.
Is its monitor not working?
Is there a way to "harden" cluster perhaps via resource config?
cluster is Ubuntu VM boxes.

many thanks, L.
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