[ClusterLabs] Filesystem Resource Device Naming Convention

Tyler Phillippe tylerphillippe at tutamail.com
Thu Apr 20 16:49:34 EDT 2023

Hello all,

In my position, we are running several PCS clusters that host NFS shares and their backing disks are SAN LUNs. We have been using the /dev/mapper/<multipath-alias> name as the actual device when defining a PCS Filesystem resource; however, it was brought up that potentially the multipath configuration file could be corrupted in any number of accidental ways. It was then proposed to use the actual SCSI WWID as the device, under /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-<wwid>. There has been discussion back and forth on which is better - mostly from a peace of mind perspective. I know Linux has changed a lot and mounting disks by WWID/UUID may not strictly be necessary any more, but I was wondering what is preferred, especially as nodes are added to the cluster and more people are brought on to the team. Thanks all!

 Tyler Phillippe
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