[ClusterLabs] FEEDBACK WANTED: possible deprecation of nagios-class resources

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 20 10:24:40 EDT 2023

On 19/04/2023 21:08, Ken Gaillot wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am considering deprecating Pacemaker's support for nagios-class
> resources.
> This has nothing to do with nagios monitoring of a Pacemaker cluster,
> which would be unaffected. This is about Pacemaker's ability to use
> nagios plugin scripts as a type of resource.
> Nagios-class resources act as a sort of proxy monitor for another
> resource. You configure the main resource (typically a VM or container)
> as normal, then configure a nagios:<PLUGIN> resource to monitor it. If
> the nagios monitor fails, the main resource is restarted.
> Most of that use case is now better covered by Pacemaker Remote and
> bundles. The only advantage of nagios-class resources these days is if
> you have a VM or container image that you can't modify (to add
> Pacemaker Remote). If we deprecate nagios-class resources, the
> preferred alternative would be to write a custom OCF agent with the
> monitoring you want (which can even call a nagios plugin).
> Does anyone here use nagios-class resources? If it's actively being
> used, I'm willing to keep it around. But if there's no demand, we'd
> rather not have to maintain that (poorly tested) code forever.
Myself, regarding ha/pacemekr/vm, I've not dealt with nagios 
thanks, L.

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