[ClusterLabs] HA problem: No live migration when setting node on standby

Philip Schiller p.schiller at plusoptix.de
Fri Apr 14 03:25:24 EDT 2023

Thank you very much Andrei,
this completely solved my problem.

To point out, when I use the command:

pcs constraint order promote mas-drbd-jabber pri-vm-jabber

it sets the pri-vm action to start as default -> order order-mas-drbd-jabber-pri-vm-jabber-mandatory mas-drbd-jabber:promote pri-vm-jabber:start

So people can quickly run into this behavior without realising it.

 From my point of view this topic is FIXED.
I am new to this Mailing list, so I am not sure if I have to mark it as fixed.
Also I hope that I used the Mailing List correctly as I didn't really reply to answers. Instead I wrote new Mails to users at ... with the topic in CC.

Can you elaborate a little bit more on the behavior of the order constraint in the case where it is not working? [@*Andrei Borzenkov]*
I failed to completely understand your explanation.

With kind regards
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