[ClusterLabs] DRBD and SQL Server

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Hi Madi,

It sounds like you’ve had a lot of good experience. I’m trying to decide between paying a premium price for MSSQL Enterprise with Always-On Replication or just setting up an Active/Standby scenario with the Standard Edition of MSSQL running on DRBD. We have tons of experience with MySQL on DRBD, but not with MSSQL. When running MSSQL on DRBD, what’s the cluster stack? How does failover work? When using MySQL, the service only runs on one server at a time. In a failover, the writable data volume transitions to the standby server and then the MySQL service is started on it. Does it work the same way with MSQL?


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Hey list,

Anybody have experience running SQL Server on DRBD? I’d ask this in the DRBD list but that one is like a ghost town. This list is the next best option.


Extensively, yes. Albeit in VMs whose storage was backed by DRBD, though for all practical purposes there's no real difference. We've had clients running various DB servers for over ten years spanning DRBD 8.3 through to the latest 9.1.

What's your question?



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