[ClusterLabs] crm status shows CURRENT DC as None

Priyanka Balotra priyanka.14balotra at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 01:40:23 EDT 2022

Hi Folks,

crm status shows CURRENT DC as None. Please check and let us know why the
current DC is not pointing to any of the nodes.

*CRM Status:*

Cluster Summary:

  * Stack: corosync

*  * Current DC: NONE*

  * Last updated: Tue Jun  7 06:14:59 2022

  * Last change:  Tue Jun  7 05:29:40 2022 by root via cibadmin on FILE-2

  * 2 nodes configured

  * 9 resource instances configured

   - How the current DC will be set to any node once we see as *None*?
   - Is there any impact on cluster functionality?

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