[ClusterLabs] Antw: [EXT] /etc/profile.d/which2.sh bug in RHEL/OL 8.5 can impact shell scripts

Hayden, Robert RHAYDEN at CERNER.COM
Mon Jan 31 08:32:16 EST 2022

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> é>1> Just an FYI ‑ there is a bug[1] in /etc/profile.d/which2.sh script that
> can
> > cause ksh scripts to fail.   This impacted a Cluster when I upgraded to
> > Oracle Linux 8.5.  We have a custom resource that calls a ksh script.
> Within
> > that ksh script we were sourcing /etc/profile.   This in turn, sources the
> > /etc/profile.d/which2.sh script.   The which2.sh script returned an error
> > that cascaded back through our Cluster Suite resource shell script causing
> > the node to evict.   I downloaded Red Hat's proposed fix and that resolved
> my
> > ksh script issues.   I am hoping that Red Hat releases the correction for
> > RHEL 8.5.
> Out of curiosity: Can ksh do anything bash can't, or is it just the other way
> 'round?
> I haven't used ksh, but I switched from csh to bash once it had command
> history and editing.
> I never felt I need something different...

We are an old IBM/AIX shop, so some associates still like to code in korn shell.  Habits die hard.


> Regards,
> Ulrich

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