[ClusterLabs] what is the "best" way to completely shutdown a two-node cluster ?

Lentes, Bernd bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de
Wed Feb 9 04:46:30 EST 2022

----- On Feb 7, 2022, at 4:13 PM, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais jgdr at dalibo.com wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Feb 2022 14:24:44 +0100 (CET)
> "Lentes, Bernd" <bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i'm currently changing a bit in my cluster because i realized that my
>> configuration for a power outtage didn't work as i expected. My idea is
>> currently:
>> - first stop about 20 VirtualDomains, which are my services. This will surely
>> takes some minutes. I'm thinking of stopping each with a time difference of
>> about 20 seconds for not getting to much IO load. and then ...
>> - how to stop the other resources ?
> I would set cluster option "stop-all-resources" so all remaining resources are
> stopped gracefully by the cluster.
> Then you can stop both nodes using eg. "crm cluster stop".
> On restart, after both nodes are up and joined to the cluster, you can set
> "stop-all-resources=false", then start your VirtualDomains.

Aren't  the VirtualDomains already started by "stop-all-resources=false" ?

I wrote a script for the whole procedure which is triggered by the UPS.
As i am not a big schellscript-writer please have a look and tell me your opinion.
You find it here: https://nc-mcd.helmholtz-muenchen.de/nextcloud/s/rEA9bFxs5Ay6fYG

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