[ClusterLabs] Corosync 3.1.6 is available at corosync.org!

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Mon Nov 15 08:16:34 EST 2021

I am pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of Corosync
3.1.6 available immediately from GitHub release section at 
https://github.com/corosync/corosync/releases or our website at

This release contains MAJOR bugfix of totem protocol which caused loss 
or corruption of messages delivered during recovery phase. It is also 
important to pair this release with Kronosnet v1.23 (announcement 
and Libqb 2.0.4 (announcement 

All our development team would like to thank the Proxmox VE maintainer, 
Fabian Gruenbichler, for the extremely detailed bug reports, reproducers 
and collecting all the data from the affected Proxmox VE users, and his 
dedication over the past month to debug, test and work with us.

Another important feature is addition of cancel_hold_on_retransmit 
option, which allows corosync to work in environments, where some 
packets are delayed more than other (caused by various Antivirus / IPS / 
IDS software).

Complete changelog for 3.1.6:

     Christine Caulfield (1):
           cpghum: Allow to continue if corosync is restarted

     Jan Friesse (4):
           totem: Add cancel_hold_on_retransmit config option
           logsys: Unlock config mutex on error
           totemsrp: Switch totempg buffers at the right time
           build: Add explicit dependency for used libraries

     miharahiro (1):
           man: Fix consensus timeout

This upgrade is required.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this 
great milestone.

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