[ClusterLabs] One Failed Resource = Failover the Cluster?

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 01:20:26 EDT 2021

On 07.06.2021 22:49, Eric Robinson wrote:
> Which is what I don't want to happen. I only want the cluster to failover if one of the lower dependencies fails (drbd or filesystem). If one of the MySQL instances fails, I do not want the cluster to move everything for the sake of that one resource.

So set migration threshold to infinity for this resource

> That's like a teacher relocating all the students in the classroom to a new classroom because one of then lost his pencil.

You have already been told that this problem was acknowledged and
support for this scenario was added. What do you expect now - jump ten
years back and add this feature from the very beginning so it magically
appears in the version you are using?

Open service request with your distribution and ask to backport this
feature. Or use newer version where this feature is present.

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