[ClusterLabs] CCIB migration from Pacemaker 1.x to 2.x

Sharma, Jaikumar jaikumar-sharma at outlook.com
Sat Jan 30 07:41:30 EST 2021

> fence_drac5 , fence_drac (not sure about that) , SBD
I've configured IPMI over LAN giving static IP addresses to both nodes (at iDRAC level) in cluster and I can power reset/reboot both nodes in the cluster by sending commands from OS using ipmitool, but not sure how fencing is going to work if one node out of two has network cable plugged out? Since it is out of the cluster, not possible to reboot it as it is already out of the cluster and without network connectivity.

Reason to implement fencing (as this thread started with) is that in two node cluster (master/slave), one node losing network connectivity (because of pulling out the network cable of master node) and slave will become new master and provide the necessary services , but as soon as I plug-in the cable back to the node race of joining this node as master starts while there is already a master and database sync issue occur between the two nodes.

How will fencing (node or resource ?) will help in this case?


As soon as other node joins the cluster it does not come into race of becoming master but just join the cluster as a slave.

Any further pointers will be appreciated,

Thank you.


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