[ClusterLabs] Stopping the last node with pcs

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Tue Apr 27 23:23:17 EDT 2021

Hi all,

  I noticed something odd.

[root at an-a02n01 ~]# pcs cluster status
Cluster Status:
 Cluster Summary:
   * Stack: corosync
   * Current DC: an-a02n01 (version 2.0.4-6.el8_3.2-2deceaa3ae) -
partition with quorum
   * Last updated: Tue Apr 27 23:20:45 2021
   * Last change:  Tue Apr 27 23:12:40 2021 by root via cibadmin on
   * 2 nodes configured
   * 12 resource instances configured (4 DISABLED)
 Node List:
   * Online: [ an-a02n01 ]
   * OFFLINE: [ an-a02n02 ]

PCSD Status:
  an-a02n01: Online
  an-a02n02: Offline
[root at an-a02n01 ~]# pcs cluster stop
Error: Stopping the node will cause a loss of the quorum, use --force to

  Shouldn't pcs know it's the last node and shut down without complaint?

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