[ClusterLabs] Why my node1 couldn't back to the clustering chain?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at ha.open.source.it
Fri Apr 9 04:42:02 EDT 2021

On Friday 09 April 2021 at 10:34:33, Jason Long wrote:

> Thanks.
> I meant was a Cheat sheet.

I don't understand that sentence.

> Yes, something like rendering a 3D movie or... . The Corosync and Pacemaker
> are not OK for it? What kind of clustering using for rendering? Beowulf
> cluster?

Corosync and pacemaker are for High Availability, which generally means that 
you have more computing resources than you need at any given time, in order 
that a failed machine can be efficiently replaced by a working one.  If all your 
machines are busy, and one fails, you have no spare computing resources to 
take over from the failed one.

The setup you were asking about is High Performance computing, where you are 
trying to use the resources you have as efficiently and continuously as 
possible, therefore you don't have any spare capacity (since 'spare' means 
'wasted' in this regard).

A Beowulf Cluster is one example of the sort of thing you're asking about; for 
others, see the "Implementations" section of the URL I previously provided.


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