[ClusterLabs] connection timed out fence_virsh monitor stonith

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Mon Feb 24 12:24:16 EST 2020

On 2020-02-24 12:17, Strahil Nikolov wrote:
> On February 24, 2020 4:56:07 PM GMT+02:00, Luke Camilleri
> <luke.camilleri at zylacomputing.com> wrote:
>> Hello users, I would like to ask for assistance on the below setup
>> please, mainly on the monitor fence timeout:

> I notice that the issue happens at 00:00 on both days .
> Have you checked  for a backup or other cron job that is 'overloading'
> the virtualization host ?

This is a very good point.  I had a similar problem with a vsphere 
cluster.  Two hyper-converged storage appliances.  I used the 
fence-vmware-rest (or soap) stonith agent to fence the storage apps.  
Worked just fine.  Until the vcenter server appliance got busy doing 
something or other.  Next thing I know, I'm getting stonith agent 
timeouts.  I ended up switching to fence_scsi.  Not sure there is a good 
answer.  I saw on a vmware forum a recommendation to increase the 
stonith timeout, but the recommended timeout was close to a minute, 
which is enough to be a problem for the VMs in that cluster...

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