[ClusterLabs] Behavior of corosync kill

Rohit Saini rohitsaini111.forum at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 02:58:53 EDT 2020

Hi All,
I am seeing the following behavior. Can someone clarify if this is
intended behavior. If yes, then why so? Please let me know if logs are
needed for better clarity.

1. Without Stonith:
Continuous corosync kill on master causes switchover and makes another node
as master. But as soon as this corosync recovers, it becomes master again.
Shouldn't it become slave now?

2. With Stonith:
Sometimes, on corosync kill, that node gets shooted by stonith but
sometimes not. Not able to understand this fluctuating behavior. Does it
have to do anything with faster recovery of corosync, which stonith fails
to detect?

I am using
centos 7.6.1810

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