[ClusterLabs] kronosnet v1.x series and future support / development

Fabio M. Di Nitto fabbione at fabbione.net
Mon Aug 17 05:35:13 EDT 2020


kronosnet (or knet for short) is the new underlying network protocol for 
Linux HA components (corosync), that features the ability to use 
multiple links between nodes, active/active and active/passive link 
failover policies, automatic link recovery, FIPS compliant encryption 
(nss and/or openssl), automatic PMTUd and in general better performance 
compared to the old network protocol.

After several weeks / months without any major bug reported, starting 
with v1.19 release, we are going to lock down the 1.x series to only 2 
kind of changes:

* Bug fixes
* Onwire compatibility changes to allow rolling upgrades with the v2.x
   series (if necessary at all)

Upstream will continue to support v1.x for at least 12 months after v2.x 
will be released (date unknown, no really, we didn't even start the 

If you have any amazing ideas on what v2.x should include, please file 
issues here:


Or check the current TODO list here:


The knet developer team

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