[ClusterLabs] Alerts for qdevice/qnetd/booth

Rohit Saini rohitsaini111.forum at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 03:02:45 EDT 2020

Hi Honza,
Thanks for your reply. Please find the attached image below:

[image: image.png]

Yes, I am talking about pacemaker alerts only.

Please find my suggestions/requirements below:

1. Node5 booth-arbitrator should be able to give event when any of the
booth node joins or leaves. booth-ip can be passed in event.
2. Event when booth-arbitrator is up successfully and has started
monitoring the booth nodes.
2. Geo site booth should be able to give event when its booth peers
joins/leaves. For example, Geo site1 gives an event when node5
booth-arbitrator joins/leaves OR site2 booth joins/leaves.  booth-ip can be
passed in event.
3. On ticket movements (revoke/grant), every booth node(Site1/2 and node5)
should give events.

Note: pacemaker alerts works in a cluster. Since, arbitrator is a
non-cluster node, not sure how exactly it will work there. But this is good
to have feature.

This is similar to above.
1. Node5 qnetd should be able to raise an event when any of the cluster
node joins/leaves the quorum.
2. Event when qnetd is up successfully and has started monitoring the
cluster nodes
3. Cluster node should be able to give event when any of the quorum node

If you see on high level, then these are kind of node/resource events wrt
booth and qnetd/qdevice.

As of today wrt booth/qnetd, I don't see any provision where any of the
nodes gives any event when its peer leaves/joins. This makes it difficult
to know whether geo sites nodes can see booth-arbitrator or not. This is
true the other way around also where booth-arbitrator cannot see geo booth
I am not sure how others are doing it in today's deployment, but I see need
of monitoring of every other booth/qnet node. So that on basis of event,
appropriate alarms can be raised and action can be taken accordingly.

Please let me know if you agree on the usecases. I'll raise feature-request
on the pacemaker upstream project accordingly.


On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 8:58 PM Jan Friesse <jfriesse at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi Rohit,
> Rohit Saini napsal(a):
> > Hi Team,
> >
> > Question-1:
> > Similar to pcs alerts, do we have something similar for qdevice/qnetd?
> This
> You mean pacemaker alerts right?
> > is to detect asynchronously if any of the member is
> unreachable/joined/left
> > and if that member is qdevice or qnetd.
> Nope but actually shouldn't be that hard to implement. What exactly
> would you like to see there?
> >
> > Question-2:
> > Same above question for booth nodes and arbitrator. Is there any way to
> > receive events from booth daemon?
> Not directly (again, shouldn't be that hard to implement). But pacemaker
> alerts should be triggered when service changes state because of ticket
> grant/reject, isn't it?
> >
> > My main objective is to see if these daemons give events related to
> > their internal state transitions  and raise some alarms accordingly. For
> > example, boothd arbitrator is unreachable, ticket moved from x to y, etc.
> I don't think "boothd arbitrator is unreachable" alert is really doable.
> Ticket moved from x to y would be probably two alerts - 1. ticket
> rejected on X and 2. granted on Y.
> Would you mind to elaborate a bit more on events you would like to see
> and potentially open issue for upstream project (or, if you have a RH
> subscription try to contact GSS, so I get more time to work on this issue).
> Regards,
>    Honza
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Rohit
> >
> >
> >
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