[ClusterLabs] Alerts for qdevice/qnetd/booth

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Wed Aug 12 11:28:15 EDT 2020

Hi Rohit,

Rohit Saini napsal(a):
> Hi Team,
> Question-1:
> Similar to pcs alerts, do we have something similar for qdevice/qnetd? This

You mean pacemaker alerts right?

> is to detect asynchronously if any of the member is unreachable/joined/left
> and if that member is qdevice or qnetd.

Nope but actually shouldn't be that hard to implement. What exactly 
would you like to see there?

> Question-2:
> Same above question for booth nodes and arbitrator. Is there any way to
> receive events from booth daemon?

Not directly (again, shouldn't be that hard to implement). But pacemaker 
alerts should be triggered when service changes state because of ticket 
grant/reject, isn't it?

> My main objective is to see if these daemons give events related to
> their internal state transitions  and raise some alarms accordingly. For
> example, boothd arbitrator is unreachable, ticket moved from x to y, etc.

I don't think "boothd arbitrator is unreachable" alert is really doable. 
Ticket moved from x to y would be probably two alerts - 1. ticket 
rejected on X and 2. granted on Y.

Would you mind to elaborate a bit more on events you would like to see 
and potentially open issue for upstream project (or, if you have a RH 
subscription try to contact GSS, so I get more time to work on this issue).


> Thanks,
> Rohit
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