[ClusterLabs] New APC AP7900 switch PDU and fencing

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Tue Apr 21 17:47:03 EDT 2020

Hi all,

  We've been using the APC AP7900 switched PDUs as backup fence devices
forever and a day. The latest units have a new firmware that disables
web and SNMP access by default. This breaks fence_apc_snmp of course.

  We figured out out to configure it for use as a fence device. Here's
the instructions in case it helps others later;


  In short (run in the serial terminal);

# Set the IP
tcpip -i -s -g

# Enable the web (http and https) interfaces;
web -h enable
web -s enable

# Enable SNMP
snmp -S enable -c1 private -a1 writeplus
snmp -S enable -c2 public -a2 writeplus

  NOTE: This config assumes an isolated network. You will want to tune
the configuration if you are worried about access (ie: set snmp
user/password, change 'public' to 'read', etc). I leave that as an
exercise for the reader.

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