[ClusterLabs] Anvil! M2 v2.0.8 released

Digimer lists at alteeve.ca
Tue Apr 21 15:37:48 EDT 2020

Alteeve is proud to announce the latest (and likely final) Anvil! M2
release; Version 2.0.8.


This is a major release over v2.0.7, all users are strongly urged to

Main Feature Upgrades;

* Major overhaul to striker-installer. It can now run against a standard
minimal OS install. Stage-1 install from ISO/USB is no longer required
(though still supported). This allows pure UEFI systems to used for
Striker dashboards.
* Added a new scan-hardware that tracks RAM DIMMs and CSS LEDs state.
* Updated the DB archive trigger values to improve DB performance.
* Modified scan-storcli to no longer set a health score against node
until/unless a drive's media or other error counts exceed 5.
* Added support for Windows 2019 and improved handling of Win10 and
Win2016 guests.
* Created 'anvil-rehome-server' to handle migrating hosted servers
between Anvil! node pairs.
* Created anvil-report-usage and created a stand-alone variant to show
at the command line what resources each server uses and what resources
are available still.

Main Bugs Fixed

* When archiving databases, it's possible that all entries for a given
UUID will be purged from the history schema, leaving a record in public
without it's history pair. The broke scan agents and ScanCore itself
when trying to resync. This has been fixed.
* Added a new 'anvil-node-suicide' that will terminate a node that
begins a shutdown and hangs (ie: because of a DLM hang).
* Added a new 'fence_delay' fence agent that always fails when asked to
fence. This agent ensures that fence_ipmilan will not be called before
the BMC has time to reboot in a case where the PDUs killed the power to
the node but the agent reported a failure.
* Fixed a bug in scan-storcli where disks with EID:SID of 0 were being
* Fixed numerous small bugs in all sections of the Anvil!.

This is expected to be the final m2 release. All active development now
switches to M3 and only critical bugs will be fixed going forward. See
you all on EL8!

NOTE: M3 development is happening outside the Clusterlabs repo. It will
be moved over once it reaches beta. For those wishing to follow it
during alpha, the repo is:


Papers and Projects: https://alteeve.com/w/
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