[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker 1.1.12 does not compile with CMAN Stack.

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Mon Sep 16 09:58:32 EDT 2019

On 16/09/19 12:01 +0000, Somanath Jeeva wrote:
> Thanks for your extended support and advise. I would like to give
> some background information about my exercise, which will give some
> fair idea to you folks. 
> We are planning to use pacemaker + Corosync + CMAN stack in RHEL 6.5
> OS. For the same, we are trying to collect the source from
> Clusterlab.

If my memory serves me correctly and if the actual hard limitation
is usage of RHEL 6.5, pacemaker option would still be available for
you to consier...

> Initially we got the Pacemaker and Corosync Source successfully from
> Clusterlab and we were unable to fetch the source for CMAN from
> Cluster lab.

ClusterLabs is currently a loose "makers association".

I am not even sure what you call "getting corosync source from
ClusterLabs", since corosync project is even more independent,
see for instance a separate top-level GitHub associating naame

> As you suggested, We already tried to use the latest set of
> Pacemaker with its prerequisites (Corosync) on top of RHEL 6.5, but
> it fails due to dependencies of RHEL 7.x Components (Systemd).

This may be a matter of poor understanding of how to pre-arrange
the actual compilation of the components.  It might deserve more
room in README/INSTALL kind of top-level documents, but the
habitual approach working across any SW with build system backed
with autotools (autoconf, automake, ...) is to run these exploratory

   1. ./autogen.sh (sometimes also ./bootstrap.sh, etc., sometimes,
      for instance, mere "autoreconf -if" is suggested instead)
   2. ./configure --help

The latter will overwhelm you on the first contact, but then, when
you don't give up and try to understand your options with the project
at hand, you'll realize that you can change quite a lot about the
final products of the compilation, and indirectly about the
prerequisites needed to get there.

In case of pacemaker, you can, for instance, spot:

> --enable-systemd  Enable support for managing resources via systemd [try]

It follows then to disble this support + dependencies by force, you'll
just need to invoke the configure script as:

   ./configure --disable-systemd

> So we are requesting you to provide the below information.
> Is it possible for me to get the source code for CMAN from Cluster
> lab ??? (since we are planning to use it for our production purpose,
> that's why we don't want to go with Red hat sites (even for Publicly
> available)).
Somanath, it's basic to understand some facts first, since blind
fixation on ClusterLabs group and, conversely, blank refusal of
Red Hat as a vendor (sigh) won't lead anyway, I am afraid:

   1. CMAN pre-exists ClusterLabs establishment by multiple years

   2. CMAN used to be, more or less, single vendor show, and this
      vendor was, surprise surprise, Red Hat

   3. from 2., it follows that the only authoritative sources of CMAN
      ever were associated with this vendor -- you want it? better
      to grab it from there ... or from trustable enough and
      associated still mirror (currently hosted at pagure.io,
      see below)

So, take it or leave it, the links I provided for you (below) still
stand, don't expect any ClusterLabs rembranding-by-force of what
practically amounts to a dead project now.

Thanks for understanding.

And keep in mind, if I were you, I'd skip CMAN and RHEL 6 today.

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> For CMAN in particular, look here:
> https://pagure.io/linux-cluster/cluster/blob/STABLE32/f/cman
> https://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/6Server/en/RHS/SRPMS/cluster-
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Jan (Poki)
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