[ClusterLabs] "pcs resource show --full" equivalent

Marcelo Terres marcelo at ntaltd.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 12:34:23 EDT 2019


Just installed a Pacemaker 2.x and noticed the command "pcs resource show
--full" is not available anymore.

Is there any equivalent command to get all data related to resources?

Something like this:

root at srv1 ~ $ pcs resource show --full
 Resource: virtual_ip (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=IPaddr2)
  Attributes: ip=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX cidr_netmask=25
  Operations: start interval=0s timeout=20s (virtual_ip-start-interval-0s)
              stop interval=0s timeout=20s (virtual_ip-stop-interval-0s)
              monitor interval=30s (virtual_ip-monitor-interval-30s)


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