[ClusterLabs] why is node fenced ?

Lentes, Bernd bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de
Thu May 16 11:10:30 EDT 2019


my HA-Cluster with two nodes fenced one on 14th of may.
ha-idg-1 has been the DC, ha-idg-2 was fenced.
It happened around 11:30 am.
The log from the fenced one isn't really informative:

2019-05-14T11:22:09.948980+02:00 ha-idg-2 liblogging-stdlog: -- MARK --
2019-05-14T11:28:21.548898+02:00 ha-idg-2 sshd[14269]: Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for root from port 59449 ssh2
2019-05-14T11:28:21.550602+02:00 ha-idg-2 sshd[14269]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)
2019-05-14T11:28:21.554640+02:00 ha-idg-2 systemd-logind[2798]: New session 15385 of user root.
2019-05-14T11:28:21.555067+02:00 ha-idg-2 systemd[1]: Started Session 15385 of user root.

2019-05-14T11:44:07.664785+02:00 ha-idg-2 systemd[1]: systemd 228 running in system mode. (+PAM -AUDIT +SELINUX -IMA +APPARMOR -SMACK +SYSVINIT +UTMP +LIBCRYPTSETUP +GC   Neustart !!!
2019-05-14T11:44:07.664902+02:00 ha-idg-2 kernel: [    0.000000] Linux version 4.12.14-95.13-default (geeko at buildhost) (gcc version 4.8.5 (SUSE Linux) ) #1 SMP Fri Mar
22 06:04:58 UTC 2019 (c01bf34)
2019-05-14T11:44:07.665492+02:00 ha-idg-2 systemd[1]: Detected architecture x86-64.
2019-05-14T11:44:07.665510+02:00 ha-idg-2 kernel: [    0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.12.14-95.13-default root=/dev/mapper/vg_local-lv_root resume=/
dev/disk/by-uuid/2849c504-2e45-4ec8-bbf8-724cf358ee25 splash=verbose showopts
2019-05-14T11:44:07.665510+02:00 ha-idg-2 systemd[1]: Set hostname to <ha-idg-2>.

Node restarts at 11:44 am.
The DC is more informative:

2019-05-14T11:24:05.105739+02:00 ha-idg-1 PackageKit: daemon quit
2019-05-14T11:24:05.106284+02:00 ha-idg-1 packagekitd[11617]: (packagekitd:11617): GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 15 was not found when attempting to remove it
2019-05-14T11:27:23.276813+02:00 ha-idg-1 liblogging-stdlog: -- MARK --
2019-05-14T11:30:01.248803+02:00 ha-idg-1 cron[24140]: pam_unix(crond:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)
2019-05-14T11:30:01.253150+02:00 ha-idg-1 systemd[1]: Started Session 17988 of user root.
2019-05-14T11:30:01.301674+02:00 ha-idg-1 CRON[24140]: pam_unix(crond:session): session closed for user root
2019-05-14T11:30:03.710784+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015426.947016] tg3 0000:02:00.3 eth3: Link is down
2019-05-14T11:30:03.792500+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015427.024779] bond1: link status definitely down for interface eth3, disabling it
2019-05-14T11:30:04.849892+02:00 ha-idg-1 hp-ams[2559]: CRITICAL: Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 0, Port 4)
2019-05-14T11:30:05.261968+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015428.498127] tg3 0000:02:00.3 eth3: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex
2019-05-14T11:30:05.261985+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015428.498138] tg3 0000:02:00.3 eth3: Flow control is on for TX and on for RX
2019-05-14T11:30:05.261986+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015428.498143] tg3 0000:02:00.3 eth3: EEE is disabled
2019-05-14T11:30:05.352500+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015428.584725] bond1: link status definitely up for interface eth3, 100 Mbps full duplex
2019-05-14T11:30:05.983387+02:00 ha-idg-1 hp-ams[2559]: NOTICE: Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 0, Port 4) has been repaired
2019-05-14T11:30:10.520149+02:00 ha-idg-1 corosync[6957]:   [TOTEM ] A processor failed, forming new configuration.
2019-05-14T11:30:16.524341+02:00 ha-idg-1 corosync[6957]:   [TOTEM ] A new membership ( was formed. Members left: 1084777492
2019-05-14T11:30:16.524799+02:00 ha-idg-1 corosync[6957]:   [TOTEM ] Failed to receive the leave message. failed: 1084777492
2019-05-14T11:30:16.525199+02:00 ha-idg-1 lvm[12430]: confchg callback. 0 joined, 1 left, 1 members
2019-05-14T11:30:16.525706+02:00 ha-idg-1 attrd[6967]:   notice: Node ha-idg-2 state is now lost
2019-05-14T11:30:16.526143+02:00 ha-idg-1 cib[6964]:   notice: Node ha-idg-2 state is now lost
2019-05-14T11:30:16.526480+02:00 ha-idg-1 attrd[6967]:   notice: Removing all ha-idg-2 attributes for peer loss
2019-05-14T11:30:16.526742+02:00 ha-idg-1 cib[6964]:   notice: Purged 1 peer with id=1084777492 and/or uname=ha-idg-2 from the membership cache
2019-05-14T11:30:16.527283+02:00 ha-idg-1 stonith-ng[6965]:   notice: Node ha-idg-2 state is now lost
2019-05-14T11:30:16.527618+02:00 ha-idg-1 attrd[6967]:   notice: Purged 1 peer with id=1084777492 and/or uname=ha-idg-2 from the membership cache
2019-05-14T11:30:16.527884+02:00 ha-idg-1 stonith-ng[6965]:   notice: Purged 1 peer with id=1084777492 and/or uname=ha-idg-2 from the membership cache
2019-05-14T11:30:16.528156+02:00 ha-idg-1 corosync[6957]:   [QUORUM] Members[1]: 1084777482
2019-05-14T11:30:16.528435+02:00 ha-idg-1 corosync[6957]:   [MAIN  ] Completed service synchronization, ready to provide service.
2019-05-14T11:30:16.548481+02:00 ha-idg-1 kernel: [1015439.782587] dlm: closing connection to node 1084777492
2019-05-14T11:30:16.555995+02:00 ha-idg-1 dlm_controld[12279]: 1015492 fence request 1084777492 pid 24568 nodedown time 1557826216 fence_all dlm_stonith
2019-05-14T11:30:16.626285+02:00 ha-idg-1 crmd[6969]:  warning: Stonith/shutdown of node ha-idg-2 was not expected
2019-05-14T11:30:16.626534+02:00 ha-idg-1 dlm_stonith: stonith_api_time: Found 1 entries for 1084777492/(null): 0 in progress, 1 completed
2019-05-14T11:30:16.626731+02:00 ha-idg-1 dlm_stonith: stonith_api_time: Node 1084777492/(null) last kicked at: 1556884018
2019-05-14T11:30:16.626875+02:00 ha-idg-1 stonith-ng[6965]:   notice: Client stonith-api.24568.6a9fa406 wants to fence (reboot) '1084777492' with device '(any)'
2019-05-14T11:30:16.627026+02:00 ha-idg-1 crmd[6969]:   notice: State transition S_IDLE -> S_POLICY_ENGINE
2019-05-14T11:30:16.627165+02:00 ha-idg-1 crmd[6969]:   notice: Node ha-idg-2 state is now lost
2019-05-14T11:30:16.627302+02:00 ha-idg-1 crmd[6969]:  warning: Stonith/shutdown of node ha-idg-2 was not expected
2019-05-14T11:30:16.627439+02:00 ha-idg-1 stonith-ng[6965]:   notice: Requesting peer fencing (reboot) of ha-idg-2
2019-05-14T11:30:16.627578+02:00 ha-idg-1 pacemakerd[6963]:   notice: Node ha-idg-2 state is now lost

One network interface is gone for a short period. But it's in a bonding device (round-robin),
so the connection shouldn't be lost. Both nodes are connected directly,
there is no switch in between.
I manually (ifconfig eth3 down) stopped the interface afterwards several times ... nothing happened.
The same with the second Interface (eth2).



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