[ClusterLabs] hacluster password stored in the clear

Brian Reichert reichert at numachi.com
Wed Mar 27 14:30:40 EDT 2019

I'm putting together some tooling to automate provisioning a cluster.

All examples I've seen so far call out using 'pcs auth' as a precursor
step, but to use this pragmatically, I need to pass around the
password in the clear.

As I already have the means of using SSH identities of moving data
across the hosts in question, is there perhaps some means of
pre-populating /etc/corosync/authkey, and copying that around?

I'm looking at the manpage for corosync-keygen(8), but it's not
clear to me that I'm on the right path here...

Brian Reichert				<reichert at numachi.com>
BSD admin/developer at large	

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